Although it is sometimes desirable to just stay in bed and enjoy the quiet relaxation of our bedroom, this article seeks to highlight the pure exquisite utopias that can be made in your own backyard. Lawn care can be as simple as consistent lawn mowing and pulling weeds periodically. However, a perfectly designed backyard utopia can be inviting, stylish, and provide a comfortable sanctuary for the whole family. Fresh air, a view of nature, a manicured lawn, a stately patio, and a glorious pool can offer true bliss right in your own backyard.

There are many lawn care services that go into lawn maintenance. In addition to mowing the perfectly straight lines in your yard and having cars slow down to admire your precision, there are other great ways to add beauty and extravagance to your lawn. Let’s take a look at a few great backyard utopia ideas.

Extravagant Ways to Create a Backyard Utopia

Construct a Yurt

A yurt is a round tent structure that merges the worlds of tents with a hut or small house. Yurts were traditionally a portable home used in central Asia by nomadic cultures. Today, the yurt is becoming very popular and a growing trend for backyard transformation and comfort. They can be used for parties, guestrooms, or even a pool house. Most find them to be more insulated than a regular tent, and yet less of a permanent structure.

Invest In an Inground Swimming Pool

This is the ultimate in backyard paradise. Have a professionally installed inground swimming pool permanently put on your property. Surround it with a beautiful garden, hardscapes, seating areas, and strung lights illuminating the trees.

Outdoor Kitchens

It’s great to dine alfresco, but cooking and dining outdoors is even better. Design a hardscape kitchen, decorate your space, equip the cabinets and stock the refrigerator. Whatever you have indoors, have it outdoors too. You’ll love the change of pace and guests will especially like it.

Install a Fountaincreating a utopia in your backyard

Use local river rock and fieldstone with an installed water source to create a beautiful fountain on your property. The peaceful sound of a trickling fountain is like none other transforming your yard into a backyard utopia.

Outdoor Bar

Construct a bar for a stylish outdoor entertainment space. Bars can be wooden, tiled, and even concrete. Make it romantic and capture the summer vibe with stringed lighting, well-placed plants and pottery, and soft music.

Reimagine a Daybed

A restful spot outside your home will look fantastic with a refurbished daybed, complete with comfy cushions. Add a couple of shelves on the outside wall of your house for books and crossword puzzles.

Make Improvements to an Outdoor Dining Area

Purchase a rustic antique dining room table (10 -12 feet in length) and let it be the center of your landscaped outdoor kitchen. Complete the mood with plants and decorative plant stands. Don’t forget the fabulous centerpiece.

Construct an Outdoor Shower

Washing off the dust after a game of softball or a long day of gardening is best outside. An outdoor shower is a real luxury for everyone in the family, especially Fido. A useful, practical way to turn outside into a backyard utopia!

Bocce Ball, Anyone?

An Italian bowling alley in the backyard? Why not?.

Turn Your Shed Into a Studio

Maybe your shed isn’t being used for storage any longer because you have hired Summit Turf Services to maintain your lawn. Turn it into your art studio. Add greenery and an attractive lamppost outside. Art supplies and an easel inside. Let your imagination be your guide.

Your Very Own Amphitheater

Terrace a hillside lawn with amphitheater-style stepping stones for a charming seating area when guests and family arrive.

Create an English Garden

How to create your backyard utopia

Take your backyard utopia international. Plant hedges and traditional roses for simulating the perfect Europe get-a-way. Pay no attention to colors. Mix and match everything. Let your garden explode with color.

Design a Clubhouse

Building a clubhouse in your backyard can feel like a luxury in a remote location or a tropical hide-a-way. Build in a sofa and add a few rustic touches. A straw roof is a great touch and looks great, turning your lawn into a coastal dream.

Affordable Ways to Create a Backyard Utopia

Upgrade Your Seating

Install some swing sofas with benches and a hammock. You’ll have no choice but to relax and enjoy the comfort in your own backyard. Don’t forget the flowers and a serving area for snacks and drinks when company arrives.

Floral Pergola

Pool or no pool, beautify your backyard with growing wisteria. Pergolas provide shading for cafe tables and chairs and creates a terrific spot for lunch or cocktails. With expert lawn care maintenance like Summit Turf Services, a pergola is the perfect accessory to your lawn.

Invest in Great Landscaping

Connect with nature by transforming your backyard with sculpted landscapes and floral displays. Invest in quality outdoor furniture and decor. Unwind and enjoy the fresh air while appreciating the beautiful surroundings of a perfectly manicured oasis.

Try a Hammock

backyard relaxation

If your outdoor space is small, take every advantage by hanging a hammock for relaxation, then take in the fresh air and sunshine. Place a nice rug underneath, add a few pillows and a floor cushion, and you will quickly see a small peaceful area emerge.

Wood and Antiques

Create a dining area on your natural landscape by using an old trunk, a contrasting tablecloth, and antique dishes. This idea is even more enhanced with some hidden music sources.

Treehouse Fun

Whether your yard has an expansive view or just looks onto a neighbor’s property, a treehouse is a lot of fun. If an entire treehouse is too much, build an attractive banister lookout area around a tree and leading to your deck.

Hang String Lights

Use string lights to make your garden look and feel like an actual home extension. Rounded bulbs and exposed wiring gives the perfect Italian cafe motif. String lights are such a simple, easy way to take your landscaping up a notch.

Keep It Minimal

For a cool and sleek deck area, try a minimalist utopia. Whitewash your deck and keep things all one tone with a white gravel garden. Place a fashionable lamp on the deck and add cushions on the floor for extra seating and lounging.

Plant Citrus Treescitrus trees for your backyard utopia

Accentuate your backyard and garden by putting in a small grove of citrus trees. The bright hues make for a beautiful landscape, and the fruit comes in very handy in the kitchen.

Decorate and Show Off Your Garden Shed

Many backyards hold a shed, and lawn care experts maintain your lawn around the garden shed. Paint and accessorize your shed. Collect antique wall hangings, maybe even an old bicycle propped against the outer wall. Trim your trees and hedges, then shine a spotlight directly on your shed art.

Create a Kid-Friendly Environment

Your house will become the “go to” home in the neighborhood just by adding a great play structure with swings, slides and attractive greenery. Nothing says summertime fun like a backyard playground.

Bring New Life to a Terrace

No spacious backyard? No problem. Transform your rooftop terrace with a magical makeover. Place greenery, a sitting area, rugs, and cushions. Next thing you know, you’ll be escaping to your terrace with a bottle of wine and a good book.

Fire Pit – The Perfect Punctuation

A large fire pit for roasting marshmallows on a cool evening is just what the perfect backyard needs. Enjoy your 

creating a utopia

backyard utopia during the day and night, and make memories with friends and family gathered around a comfy fire.

Cultivate a Garden

Nothing says posh like classic roses and perfectly trimmed hedgerows. Landscaping does not just have to be a well-

manicured lawn. Be the envy of garden buffs throughout the neighborhood by showing off gorgeous roses and squared edged hedges.

Enjoy the Natural Surroundings

Use what God gave you. Carve a pool out of a native pond and stock it with goldfish. Transform a craggy hill with vines and native flowers.

There are so many ways to create a highly desirable backyard sanctuary here in Lee’s Summit. Just let your imagination run wild, then start planning. You’ll have an extra dose of pride in your home, and you’ll love the results. Whether you choose an extravagant way to create a backyard utopia or you choose the more simple, affordable way, you will find that your backyard is your favorite place to be.

Summit Turf Services is here to give a free quote today on lawn care and landscaping! Contact the lawn care experts sooner than later to get your backyard ready for the warm season.