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How to Care for New Sod – When to Water and Cut New Grass

How to Care For New Sod Lawn care for new sod is important if you plan to have a beautiful, lush, green lawn. Your lawn should be kept looking great if you plan to increase your property value over time. Using sod will help you get a great looking lawn in a fairly short period [...]

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Managing Your Yard – Mushrooms – Weeds – Midwest Lawn Experts

Fixing Up Your Lawn by Getting Rid of Mushrooms, Weeds, and Other Problems Taking care of your yard and especially the lawn can be a very enjoyable pastime that has the great reward of seeing it progress to a smooth, clean, green carpet of living grass. It doesn't have to be all that hard if [...]

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Your 2018 Yard and Garden Guide for Spring and Summer in Missouri

Your 2018 Yard and Garden Guide During the Spring and Summer months, it is vital to creating a lawn care plan that will get you the beautiful lush green grass that you desire.  Lawn care service scheduling is the best way to ensure a healthy lawn through the summer months. Summit Turf Services'  Lawn Care Guide provides a roadmap to give [...]

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Hiring Lawn Professionals vs Mowing Your Own Yard

Hiring Professional Lawn Services versus Do It Yourself In this post, we intend to describe what it takes to have a beautiful yard. By hiring lawn care experts instead of trying to take on the work by yourself, you remove the costs, time, and energy needed for the perfect landscape. Below is a list of [...]

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