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Summit Turf Services LLC, is the premier lawn experts in the area.  If you are looking to create your own utopia right in your back yard, Contact Us Today!

Summit Turf Services Lawn Experts

Lawn Enthusiasts Guide on Caring for Your Lawn in Winter

Owning a home is a huge responsibility. Not only do homeowners have to take care of the inside of the home, but they also must care for the outside. Caring for the outside of your home means attending to the lawn, even in the cold, winter months. Pay attention to your lawn year-round, especially [...]

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How to Test Your Soil PH and Why it is Important

Soil PH is an important aspect of gardening and farming, and lawn farming is no exception. What does ph mean? The PH of the soil refers to the indication of the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, usually measured in PH units. The PH scale runs from 0 to 14, with seven being neutral. [...]

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Fall Lawn Care Tips to End the Season Strong

Did you know fall is always the best season to start developing a greener, healthier, and lusher lawn? Fall lawn care includes fertilizing, aerating, and mowing your lawn shorter. Even though the lawn is about to enter a hibernation stage in winter, it is important to carry on watering. Keep reading for the Summit [...]

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What to Know About Asian Lady Beetles and Ladybugs

We have all been charmed by the petite ladybug with its bright red shell and tiny black dots. But, what you may not know is that there is another garden visitor with a similar set of markings but none of the charm you’ve come to love in the ladybug. Your Lee’s Summit Lawn Care [...]

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August Gardening – The Best Plants to Grow in Late Summer

If you have waited all summer to begin planting, you may wonder if it will simply be a waste of your time. Most crops are planted during the spring, yet it is still possible to plant certain vegetables that will grow in the late summer. In this article, Summit Turf Services gives tips on [...]

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Choosing the Best Ornamental Grass for Your Landscaping

If you have taken on landscaping as a summer project, you may be considering what ornamental grass to use. Ornamental grass adds texture and beauty to your yard. Finding the right plants and grass for your area’s soil and climate can be difficult. There are so many varieties of ornamental grass, and the lawn [...]

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Lawn Destroying Insects That Are Invading Your Lawn

Making your lawn a priority means more than mowing. Lawn maintenance involves aeration, fertilization, and keeping the lawn destroying insects out of your yard. In this article, Summit Turf Services gives tips on how to prevent lawn destroying insects from entering your yard. You will learn about common lawn pests along with tricks to [...]

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Raised Flower Beds – The Benefits and How to Build Your Own

Take your gardening to the next level (literally) and consider raised flower beds as your next gardening venture. You may be wondering what exactly are raised flower beds, and what the difference between a raised bed and an in-ground bed is. Summit Turf Services, your lawn care experts of Lee’s Summit, have the answers [...]

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A Homeowner’s Guide To Trimming Hedges And Shrubs

When caring for your yard, as a homeowner, you have to pay attention to more than just making sure the grass stays neat. If you want to ensure that your landscape continues to look its absolute best, keep reading Summit Turf’s guide to trimming hedges and shrubs.  Those shrubs, bushes and hedges in your [...]

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Spring Lawn Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For A Healthy Year

Spring is right around the corner and during the next your lawn will experience a lot of growth. It is the perfect time to do some corrective touches that will repair the damage caused by winter and make your yard visually appealing. Spring is a chance for a fresh start, and it is wise [...]

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