Organic lawn care is a concern for many homeowners and lawn enthusiasts.  Selecting an all organic lawn is a prudent option and a rapidly growing trend. Many people work extremely hard to be conscious of the environment, and caring for our lawns is beginning to trend as a major path toward that level of consciousness. But, transitioning from chemical lawn management to organic lawn care takes time and planning.   

It is important to educate yourself and make an informed decision. Which method of lawn care will work best for you and your family? Which method is more advantageous to you and your family? There are pros and cons to each practice. Summit Turf Services does not use organic products but uses products that are pet-friendly and safe for you, your entire family and your lawn. Maybe you are considering a complete overhaul of your lawn care and looking for an all-organic lawn care solution. Maybe you are looking to simply use fewer pesticides on your lawn for the benefit of your family and pets. No matter what you are wishing to do for your lawn, we are here to help. Together, we will find the best solution for you and your lawn.

organic lawn care

Organic Lawn Care – The Advantages

There are many advantages of organic lawn care.  At Summit Turf Services we feel that it is important to know what you are getting into when making the decision to go organic.  The benefits for your lawn and family should be weighted carefully when you make this decision.

  1. Reducing the risk of chemical exposure is top of the list for the advantages of organic lawn care. Although many lawn chemicals have been deemed safe, there is a great sense of peace knowing that the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals for your family and pets have been reduced (and in some cases eliminated). Additionally, with organic lawn treatments, it isn’t necessary to avoid your lawn for any period of time, as when chemicals are first applied.
  2. There is no danger of over-applying when it comes to organic yard care. An organic fertilizer treatment breaks down slowly over time, resulting in extra nourishment for your soil and grass. Chemical treatments, on the other hand, get absorbed into the grass and can easily burn the lawn. When organic fertilizer seeps into your lawn, you get the added benefit of nutrients going directly to the soil and turf faster. With time, your lawn and soil quality will actually improve.
  3. Organic fertilizers assist with revitalizing your lawn’s ecosystem. Chemical lawn treatments eventually steal the nutrients from the soil – nutrients that are vitally essential for the health of your lawn. Microbes and earthworms (which are equally as important) tend to die away. Even if your grass appears to be healthy when using chemical fertilizers, it is probably only on the surface. Deep down, there could still be pests, weeds, and disease. Organic fertilizer can improve your soil and help it to retain its natural byproducts.
  4. With organic fertilizer, the functions of your soil actually improve. Organic lawn treatment can help the soil hold water and other vital nutrients. As a result, the soil’s ecosystem will flourish due to the benefit of microbes.
  5. Organic treatments are environmentally sound. Chemical fertilizer actually sucks the soil of its groundwater. But when organic fertilizer slowly releases into the ground, they have a far less negative impact on the surrounding area.
organic lawn care advantages

Organic Lawn Care – The Disadvantages

Although there are many advantages to organic lawn care, there are also disadvantages.  Knowing the pros and cons will help you to make an informed decision.  If you need help and would like to talk to a lawn care professional, Summit Turf Services is here to help.

  1. Organic lawn care requires plenty of patience. You won’t see immediate results by going with an organic method of lawn maintenance. In fact, you may even see a decline while your grass tries to recover from chemical dependence it acquired after chemical lawn care. The soil will, quite literally, need to detox.
  2. It will take greater time and more effort to cultivate an organic lawn. Because organic yard care is holistic, it asks that you be in tune with the lawn and the ability to see what it needs. We hope you will contact us at Summit Turf. We can help you make the right choices and schedule your lawn care treatments at the right time of year. Watering and mowing will require a completely different schedule, as well.
  3. Weeds will appear. Currently, there aren’t any great organic weed control products available for organic yard maintenance, so you may find that if you desire a thick and sculpted lawn, it will require more weed pulling than with a chemical fertilized lawn. Try redefining what a great lawn truly is for you, and think in a more ecological way. Dandelions are on this earth for our bees, and bees are important. And remember, your weeds were always there in the first place.  Its all about what you consider to be your ideal lawn when it comes to choosing the right lawn care method.
  4. Organic yard care might cost you a little more money. Your long-range goal with going naturally organic is to cultivate a lawn with a healthy ecosystem, and it has the ability to sustain itself. Your initial investment, although costly, will eventually pay for itself in the long run.
  5. Grub control will be difficult. Even though the option of going organic is yours, you must also remain educated. A picturesque lawn will hinge on your commitment to giving it the proper care it needs.
organic lawn care disadvantages

Don’t allow this to overwhelm you. Contact Summit Turf Services with any questions you might have about the health of your lawn. We will schedule an appointment to discuss all of your options, evaluate your needs, and recommend just the right approach necessary for your lawn.