Howdy, I’m Boomer. I have just the guide for pet-friendly lawn care for you.   I’m a 7-year-old German Shepherd, and I love playing in the backyardthat my human has provided for me. They set up the perfect pet-friendly yard for me (although I have heard them say it’s because it will be an excellent “return on investment”, whatever that means.) Maybe you want to give your dog a backyard like mine – one where both furry friends and their owners can be happy together.

dog friendly yard

Why dogs need a pet-friendly yard 

There are some very good reasons you should consider a dog-friendly yard with dog safe grass like mine. Focus on creating a yard that is functional for you, but please remember to think about what we dogs need. Sure, your backyard can look great, too. It’s a good idea to make sure our yard is safe and secure so that us dogs don’t run off or other dogs don’t wander in uninvited. That’s when we feel the safest.

When the yard isn’t set up properly for us dogs, we feel like escaping and running off sometimes and you don’t want that. There are plenty of reasons why we try and get out. Some of those reasons may be poor pet-friendly lawn care. 

First of all, we get bored, just like you sometimes do, especially if we are left alone for a long period of time. Sometimes something will catch our eye, like another dog or a silly old cat. The temptation is just too great and off we go. Whee! But this is also when we get into trouble and even find ourselves in dangerous situations.

Dogs have a lot of energy. I know I do. We need plenty of room to run and play, burning off energy and as a way for us to calm down. Without a fun, pet-friendly yard, we might just get loose and go on an exercise run.

We can also get scared. Bad weather, strangers, startling noises, and even other animals can really frighten us sometimes, and that’s another time we may feel like running off.

I love companionship. Visiting with the other dogs is a blast! Especially the ones who haven’t been spayed or neutered. See, I told you I get bored.

On the times I have escaped, I have seen the animal control truck driving around the neighborhood. Look, doggy jail isn’t fun, so as a dog owner, you should really plan for keeping us happy and safe – in his own backyard.

Ways to keep us from escaping

Fences aren’t bad. It helps me feel secure and contained. There are a variety of fencing options for pet-friendly lawn care. Remember your dog’s breed and behavior, and plan accordingly. This will help you decide which type of fencing to install.

pet friendly back yard

I love to dig – all dogs do. It’s one of the things we enjoy the most. Sometimes I try and dig my way out. I just dig under the fence. Try to prevent your dog from digging. Pet-friendly lawn care could include chicken wire, large rocks, and flower beds to keep me from digging too much.

I know some dogs like a good challenge. Who knew there were so many doggie Houdini’s? We squeeze and squeeze, and we finally are able to pass through the fence and get away. So keep your fence in good repair, or else we might just get busy digging and squeezing.

I’m a dog, and that means I can jump. I don’t want to brag, but I’m known to be a very talented escape artist. Pet friendly care lawn tip – add a smooth ground surface so your dog can’t get the running traction he needs to leap over his fence.

By now, you know that I’m pretty smart. Most dogs are. We will work hard to open a door or unlatch a gate. You might want to get a doggie-proof latch. It prevents us from opening the latch and walking right out.

Hey, would you like me to give you some dog-friendly backyard ideas? Free of charge, unless you have a bone handy. BOL (barking out loud).

Creative ideas for a pet-friendly lawn

Please, please set up a water station. We need a place where we can have clean, fresh, drinking water available – especially when it is a hot, sunny day. That way, we won’t get dehydrated. I have a backyard fountain at my house. It’s attractive to my humans and a great way for me to drink.

Don’t let your pet overheat. It can be downright dangerous to be left in the hot sun for too long.  But we love shade. Make sure your dog has plenty of shade and shelter. Help us stay comfortable outside. Here, I’ll give you some easy ideas for creating a great backyard for dogs.

By the way, I love to play in the sprinkler. Water your grass often and let me cool down.

Add trees and shrubs. They provide nice cool shade. And your backyard will look terrific.

Some plants are toxic and upset my tummy. Sometimes I can’t help myself and I eat them anyway. Then I get really sick. That’s a vet bill you don’t want to pay, trust me. So avoid plants like holly, aloe, and lilies. And ask your dog’s veterinarian before starting any new landscaping projects in the areas where we run and play to ensure you have the best pet-friendly lawn.

pet proofing your lawn

Dog houses are way cool. There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from with hundreds of options that can be included. You can even have your doggie house custom built. They’re perfect throughout the year. They give us shade in the summer and shelter from the cold, wind, and snow in the winter.

Create a play area for us to run and explore. Kids like exploring, so why wouldn’t your dog? Create a path for us to walk, wander, prowl and patrol. Here are a few more tips for giving your best friend a great, pet-friendly lawn space:

Build a play course. An obstacle course built for dogs is a great idea. Include some tunnels and something to jump over, and we will be in doggie heaven. Dog courses can keep us entertained and provide us with the exercise we need.

Consider giving your dog a hiding or sitting spot all his own. We love to survey our surroundings. We also need a little me-time, where we can just be alone. It’s perfect for nervous or jittery dogs who just want to hide for a while.

A dig pit is great for dogs who love to dig and scratch and claim their own “designated area.” You know what’s fun? Hide my toys in the dig pit, and I’ll stay occupied for hours. And it keeps me from digging elsewhere.

Design and build a comfortable area for walking. We dogs can injure our feet when we walk on hot pavement or rocky terrain.  Use materials that are easy for dogs to walk on. It also helps us from getting too hot while in the sun.

Real grass is nice, sure, but it requires a lot of maintenance and work. However, grass also appeals to me. It’s my nature to dig holes and I’ll do it where I can. Artificial turf is getting very popular, and we dogs love it. Just be sure it won’t get too hot and burn our little paws.

Give your dog an observation window. I sure love mine. It’s perfect for when I’m feeling curious and wish I could see what is on the other side of my fence. And if I can see, I don’t feel the urge to escape. Come on, let your dog see the neighborhood. Installing a window keeps us entertained.

Should you hire a lawn care service?

Yes! Hire a good lawn service to groom and fertilize your yard naturally. For your dog, search chemical-free lawn care near me. I hate playing in toxic grass or rolling around with ticks and grub worms. Yuck! Good lawn service will put their customers first! Summit Turf Services, lawn care experts in Lee’s Summit, provide services for optimal dog safe grass, weed management, and pest control throughout the year! They treat each customer based on their lawns specific needs, For example, having an energetic, loving dog like me!

Choose a lawn care company that has done their research on all the different pet safe lawn care products. My life as a dog is just too busy to do research on pet safe lawn fertilizer, which is why Summit Turf Services does the research for you!  Summit Turf Services has spent over 8 years providing safe and effective lawn care services. They use equipment that is resource friendly and products that are good for all family members – including their four-legged best friend. 

pet friendly lawn

Devotion to the environment is so important to me because it is the best place to be! (Besides cuddled up to my humans.) A lawn care company should have just as much passion for the environment and products that are good for the well-being of my humans and I.

I love people. Heck, I’m a dog, and we love you. We especially like spending quality time with you. Let’s play together and have as much fun as we can. I love to play frisbee, fetch it, and return it to you. I like daily exercise and going for walks. How about we take an agility class together? Or maybe an obedience training class. That would be fun.

A safe and entertaining backyard is not only great for dogs, but they can be very beneficial for dog owners. We stay free, safe, and happy when you hire pet-friendly lawn care services. And you are telling us that we are your top priority.