As a homeowner, you want a nice green lawn throughout the summer months, but you don’t want to use too much water. Furthermore, you do not want to run up a giant water bill. Summit Turf Services is here to share simple ways to save water and money during the heat of the season. Keeping a green lawn all-year round is a difficult adventure and a big challenge. Our world is demanding we become better stewards of the planet. Let’s conserve our natural resources, beginning with water.

We have outlined nine simple ways to save water and maintain a healthy green lawn. Additionally, you can save money on your utilities. Because your lawn and landscape will increase the value of your home, these tips should prove to be important things to always keep in mind. Let’s take a look. 

Simple ways to save water by Summit Turf Services

summit turf services simple ways to save water

Check for Leaks in the Irrigation System

Inground sprinklers are wonderful and very convenient to own. However, they can also spring leaks that go undetected while hiding under the soil. It’s important to have your underground irrigation system inspected on a regular basis. Between these inspections, be mindful and watchful for soggy areas or areas that seem to be much greener than others. Keeping the system free of disrepair is critical for reducing cost and water waste. 

Moreover, you might even want to investigate the newer drip irrigation systems as an alternative. These are designed to irrigate and use the least amount of resources. They avoid over-irrigating, evaporation, and watering areas that are not in need. As a result, checking for leaks in the irrigation system is a great simple way to save water.

Choose the Right Time of Day for Watering

Some associations and housing communities have stringent watering restrictions in place which limit the times in which you can water the lawn. If your area has similar guidelines in place, then you obviously have to follow the rules. This alone is included in simple ways to save water. If you do not have to follow these types of guidelines, then it’s up to you to know when to water and, more importantly, when not to water. Watering during the hottest part of the day is very unwise. The water will evaporate before it can let your grass drink, and it will cost you much more. It’s pretty disheartening when you realize how much water was wasted and how much it cost. Water in the morning hours or at dusk when the temperature is much milder and suitable.

Measure the Amount of Water Collected

Not over-watering is crucial when brainstorming simple ways to save water. It’s easy to over-water if you’re not careful, and it can create a very unhealthy environment for your grass and other plants. Use a small jar for placing in the yard while you are watering. Measure the amount collected and it should be a fairly accurate representation of the amount of water you’re dumping on the lawn. Remember, it really only takes about 1.5 inches of water (½ to ¾ gallon per square foot) to thoroughly irrigate the ground and keep your yard looking beautiful. If your jar has collected more than 1.5 inches of water, you are more than likely overwatering. 

Extend the Number of Days Between Watering Sessions

A common mistake among homeowners is thinking the lawn has to be watered every single day. Not true. As mentioned before, keeping yourself from overwatering is important in the simple ways to save water. Your grass needs about 1.5 inches of water per week year round so watering every second or third or day, depending on your region, the average rainfall, and it’s humidity, should suffice. To check to determine if your lawn needs water – just take an easy walk across the grass. If the blades jump back up right away, then it is probably doing okay. Correspondingly, the lawn doesn’t need moisture right away. It the blades of grass lay down and don’t spring back, it’s time to give it a good soaking.

9 Simple Ways to Save Water

simple ways to save water summit turf services

Rain Water Harvesting

Nature gives us free water, but it sometimes gets ignored by homeowners. With that being said, the simplest of simple ways to save water is not being utilized. A rain barrel can help you save money. They are designed to collect the rain for you to use later. This method doesn’t really cover all of your watering requirements, but every little bit helps, and it will help to conserve what your city has available.

Aeration and Simple Ways to Save Water

Aerating your lawn is another crucial component of lawn maintenance, as well as a simple way to save water, that sometimes gets overlooked. Aeration helps to reduce water runoff and keeps the soil moist. It is recommended that you aerate if your grass receives high traffic or if the soil has a high clay content. However, if your lawn has recently been sodded or reseeded, do not aerate. Not sure about aeration? Contact Summit Turf Services for all of your lawn care needs. 

Simple Ways to Save Water When Weeding

All living things, including your plants and grass, require water, and the weeds in your yard are well known for stealing a lot of the moisture that was intended for the more desirable grass. It’s vitally important to pull the weeds immediately. Weeding will ensure that the water goes to the grass and not the weeds. Keep in mind that plants (besides your grass) take water also. Choose plants that resist drought when deciding to practice simple ways to save water.

Do Not Mow the Grass Too Short

You may like to keep your grass short. Many people do. But, it isn’t recommended if you want green grass that requires minimal watering. Short grass will make it appear less green. Because the blades are short, the less chance they will have to hold on to the moisture.

The correct height of your grass really depends on the type of grass and the season.  We suggest that you mow your grass at the highest suggested height based on the type of grass you have in your yard.  This will help your grass stay soft and moist, allowing the roots to dive deep into the soil. Some of the most popular grass seed for Missouri is listed below:

  • Bermuda – Mow ½” to 1 ½”
  • Fescue – Mow 1 ½” to 2 ½” 
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – Mow ½” to 2 ½”
  • Zoysia – Mow ½” – 1 ½” 

No Need to Water the Pavement

The ninth and final simple way to save water is to reduce the amount of water used on areas other than your yard. As an example, try using a broom when removing leaves and dirt from your driveway or sidewalk. Using a hose for these tasks can add extra water resources and expenses. It’s also a good idea to redirect runoff water to the grass whenever possible. If you’re washing the car, send that water to the grass while you’re at it.

Homeowners have to make difficult decisions about balancing yard work and lawn care with the prudent needs of the community. There are many simple ways to save water used during your outside maintenance. Summit Turf Services’ suggested list is just a few helpful tips.  Remember, by choosing to conserve, we can all do our part for looking after the generations following us.

Simple ways to save water

simple ways to save water summit turf

We hope you enjoyed our nine simple ways to save water and money while irrigating your lawn.  At Summit Turf Services, we provide quality care for your lawn and are here to help with all your lawn and landscape needs.