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Summit Turf Services is locally owned and operated.  We are a full service Lawn Care company based in Lees Summit MO.  Our team provides Superior Lawn Care. We believe that we have the experience and skill to turn your lawn into a beautiful and manicured work of art.  Our owner and technicians are proud of the services provided to our customers and are confident that you will not find a more competent and friendly team to care for your lawn.  At Summit Turf Services we treat each customer based on their lawns specific needs.  Superior lawn care requires a scientific approach that can only be provided by fully qualified specialists.

We believe that a great lawn is essential to a beautiful home because it is an extension of your home.  We are dedicated to making your lawn a place of harmony and relaxation where you can inspire and make true connections with your loved ones and friends.  Whether you are having a casual social gathering or cooking out on the barbecue grill, your outdoor space helps to set the mood of your guests.  Because we love what we do, we are committed to improving the outdoor spaces of our customers and the community they live in.

Our devotion to the environment shows in the services we provide.  We have spent 8 years providing safe and effective lawn care services.  In addition, we use equipment that is resource friendly and products that are good for our clients.  Furthermore, our promise to our customers is to provide an outstanding customer experience and value that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Matt Pulis, Owner and Operator of Summit Turf Services LLC.

“As the owner of Summit Turf Services and being a Turf management expert, all equipment and products used by Summit Turf Services are researched and approved by me.  This includes all lawn practices we provide.  I personally train our lawn care specialists to ensure regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility”.

Matt Pulis has a Bachelor’s Degree of Agronomy from Iowa State University and a Master’s Degree in Turf Grass Management from UCM.  Matt started his professional career as the head Agronomist for the International Sports Turf Research Center (ISTRC) in 1988.  He uses Patented Testing as a basis for turf consulting with golf courses and athletic fields all over the world, and he works with a minimum of 60 of the top 100 golf courses in the United States.

Matt is a member of Golf Course Superintendents Association, is a Certified Agronomist and has his Commercial Applicators License.  In addition, Matt has several published articles in Golf Course Management Magazine.  Matt has 28 years of experience in the industry and exudes passion for his craft, which shows in the quality of work that he provides to his customers both commercial and residential.

Our Lawn Care Technicians

Every lawn has its own unique qualities and specific needs that must be tailored to in order to achieve the best results.  This is why the Lawn care technicians at Summit Turf Services are trained to perform lawn care analysis.   The technicians at Summit Turf Services know exactly how to care for your lawn and what applications are needed to keep it vibrant and healthy.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Superior Lawn Care
Superior Lawn Care You Can Trust